“Run the Race” and stay connected with God’s Word as you set aside time for your faith development throughout the summer.

Life – and exercise – move at different paces for different people. Some enjoy leisurely walks, strolls, or rolls, while others speed-walk, jog, or even sprint. The Bible uses running metaphors, to encourage followers of Jesus to train, focus, persevere, and attain the heavenly prize. Thankfully, you don’t have to be an athlete of any kind to run the Christian race!  

At the bottom of this article are Bible Reading Plans based on the theme “Running the Race.” Use them to travel through Scripture this summer and to challenge yourself spiritually as you run the good race in your daily life. Reaching the “finish line” is achievable for everyone.

Just like a 26.2 mile marathon, each Bible Reading Plan features 26.2 days of daily reading suggestions, perfect for completing in one month or during the summer weeks with a few grace days to spare.   

To track your progress, you can:

  • add little checkmarks in front of the day and Bible reading after you’ve finished
  • place a sticker or cross out a square when you’re done with a day’s reading
  • color in the illustrations for added enjoyment

Summer Bible Reading Plan for Kids


Included in the kids’ plan are Bible verses from both the Old Testament and New Testament books, including Bible verses from Deuteronomy, Psalms, Proverbs, John, Acts, and Hebrews. These Scripture verses are simple and easy to read, and they take kids on a journey through the Bible while revealing the great big-picture story of running the race as a Christian. Children can use this Summer Reading Plan to build spiritual strength by growing closer to Jesus.

The children’s Bible Reading Plan consists of 27 different reading squares. Each square lists a small section of Scripture to read and then provides a question, activity, or prayer that corresponds with that Bible verse or passage. 

To get started, download the plan (below), and choose your reading pace with your child or children. Younger kids may need a slower pace than older kids, so be sure to pick a pace that works best for your family’s specific needs. Kids can complete one square each day or every other day (or even once a week, if you wish to spread out the Bible Reading Plan further than just over the summer).  

Set aside a consistent time to complete your run through these Scriptures each day or week. Set an alarm on your phone or even schedule regular “appointments” with God in your calendar.

When each child reaches the finish line, they can start over again for more practice. If you plan to repeat the Bible Reading Plan a few times during the summer, try choosing a different translation each time!  You are invited to check out the Bibles available in the church library if you’d like to use a different translation or paraphrase.

Remember, children learn by example. Seeing YOU train in your run as a follower of Jesus encourages THEM to faithfully train and may impact them in the years ahead. 

Summer Bible Reading Plan for Adults


In this reading plan, you will journey through significant chunks of several New Testament Epistle books this summer. 

After reading the suggested Scripture passage that is listed on each square, you can complete the question, activity, or prayer that is provided. This combination of themed resources will help you faithfully train in your run as a follower of Jesus. 

First, set your individual pace. You may choose to complete one square each day or every other day. Keep in mind your other plans for the summer and consider what you can reasonably achieve.

Once you’ve set your pace, choose which Bible translation to read from. You might even want to challenge yourself to go through this Bible Reading Plan three times this summer, each time using a different Bible translation.  There are many different translations and paraphrases available in the Zion library – and even more on a website or app like BibleGateway or Bible (in the app store or Google Play).

After choosing your pace and Bible version, set a dedicated time in your day to do your reading and “running.” This may be early each morning with a cup of coffee or tea before the busy day begins. Or evenings may work better for you, as you unwind your mind and refresh your soul before heading to bed. To create a good, lasting habit, it is always best to choose a certain time, schedule it in your calendar, and then remind yourself to stick with it.

Running is often more fun with a partner, so you are encouraged to invite a friend or family member to join you as you use this excellent Bible Reading Plan for summer strengthening.

Click the links below to download the free Bible Reading Plans. Also, paper copies are available at the church in the Gathering Space. Help yourself and share with a friend.