Serving Opportunities

Please take a moment to stop by the bulletin board (across from the offices) to take a look where you can sign up to help with various responsibilities.  We need people to serve as ushers, acolytes, readers, and more!

Volunteer Schedule in the coming weeks



9/30 Steve, Susan, Jacob Hagen
10/3:  Landon Thompson, Matthew Hard
10/7:  Gordy & Judy Landin
10/10:  Landon Thompson, Tayanna Cole
10/14:  Trent & Sheri Hard, Matthew and Sam
10/17:  No worship service
10/21:  Joyce Strand / Julie Jones / Cindy Sandahl
10/24:  Nissa and Nels Nestegard
10/28:  David & Nancy Pellett
10/31:  Matthew Hard / John Davis



10/3, 10, 24:  Gage Thompson
10/7:  Nels Nestegard
10/14:  Volunteer needed
10/17:  No worship service
10/21:  Lila Lanctot
10/28:  Volunteer needed
10/31:  Matthew Hard



Sunday Morning Services

9/30 Liz Hardwick
10/7:  Virginia Storey
10/14, 10/21:  Dan DeMolee
10/28:  Confirmation Students


Communion Assistants

10/3:  Janet Olson
10/7:  Fern Knudson / Trent Hard / Martha Whaley / Kelly Thiele / Dan Lykken
10/21: Fern Knudson / Heidi Lien / Martha Whaley / Marty Howes / Dan Lykken
10/28:  Confirmation Students


Altar Care

10/3:  Janet Olson
10/7, 21, and 28:  Fern Knudson / Martha Whaley


Noisy Offering volunteers

10/21:  Volunteers needed


Projector Attendants

Volunteers needed each Wednesday and Sunday.


Sound Board Attendants

Sunday Morning Services

10/7, 10/14:  Brenda Haats
10/21:  Dan Curtis
10/28:  Trent Hard

Wednesday Evening Services

Brenda Haats


Lawn Mowing or Snow Shoveling

Volunteers may be needed.



Volunteer Coordinators:

Wednesday Worship Volunteers:  Pastor Mary Gilthvedt
Sunday Lectors:  Julie Jones
Sunday Ushers/Greeters:  Julie Jones
Communion Volunteers:  Martha Whaley and Carol Hallan
Snow Shoveling:  Judy Taylor Landin
Lawn Mowing:  Judy Taylor Landin
Parking Lot Snow Removal:  Keith Landin


Volunteer Resources:

Sacristy Handbook

Usher Greeter Duties