Serving Opportunities

Please take a moment to stop by the bulletin board (across from the offices) to take a look where you can sign up to help with various responsibilities.  We need people to serve as ushers, acolytes, readers, and more!

Volunteer Schedule in the coming weeks



Sunday Services

9/2:  Joyce Strand / Julie Jones / Diane Erickson
9/9:  David & Nancy Pellett
9/16:  Shawn, Gretta, and Kamarra Brunelle
9/23:  Trent & Sheri Hard, Matthew and Sam
9/30:  Steve, Susan, Jacob Hagen



Sunday Services

Volunteers needed each week.



Sunday Morning Services

9/2:  Liz Hardwick
9/9:  Dan DeMolee
9/16:  Liz Hardwick
9/23:  Trent Hard
9/30:  Liz Hardwick


Communion Assistants

9/2 and 9/16: Ron & Renae Tveit (Karen Pederson, back-up), Deb Lalim, Dan Lykken, (2nd only) Liz Hardwick, (16th only) Heidi Lien
9/5 and 9/19: Janet Olson


Altar Care

9/2 and 9/16:  Ron & Renae Tveit (Karen Pederson, back-up)
9/5 and 9/19 Janet Olson


Noisy Offering volunteers

9/16:  Volunteers needed


Projector Attendants

Volunteers needed each Wednesday and Sunday.


Sound Board Attendants

Sunday Morning Services

Volunteers needed each week.

Wednesday Evening Services

Brenda Haats


Lawn Mowing

Volunteers may be needed.



Volunteer Coordinators:

Wednesday Worship Volunteers:  Pastor Mary Gilthvedt
Sunday Lectors:  Julie Jones
Sunday Ushers/Greeters:  Julie Jones
Communion Volunteers:  Martha Whaley and Carol Hallan
Snow Shoveling:  Trent Hard
Lawn Mowing:  Judy Taylor Landin
Parking Lot Snow Removal:  Keith Landin


Volunteer Resources:

Sacristy Handbook

Usher Greeter Duties