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We will contact you via email within 3-5 business days after receiving your completed Request for Building Use form.  If you don’t receive a confirmation email within that time period, please call 218-386-1733, ext. 1.

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Zion Lutheran Church User Group Policy

Permit usage by community service groups or other church groups only  (non-profit groups that are approved by Church Council).

Usage requests from groups that have not been previously approved must be considered by the Church Council at their regular monthly meetings.  In order for a request to be considered, it must be submitted in such a timely manner so it can be given proper consideration before the usage is to take place.  Any request which is received too late shall be rejected or held over until the next council meeting, if appropriate.  The usage request forms are available in the Church office during regular working hours.  They must be completely filled out.  The needs and intent of the group must be very clearly defined.

Those groups which regularly use the church must resubmit usage requests annually.  It is possible that a group may not receive approval for the same usage as they previously had approval for because a group within Zion has obtained usage of a certain time/area.

Anyone desiring use of the kitchen equipment must secure the approval of the Women of Zion.  Please call the church office at 386-1733 for the telephone number of the Women of Zion contact.

Any damage to church property caused by a user group or a member of that group shall be the responsibility of that group to repair or replace at their own expense.

The individual who signed the usage request form will be the responsible party.

User groups are responsible for cleaning up the area they used so it is left in the same condition as when they came.  If there should be spills on carpets, they must be completely cleaned up, even if it requires that they retain the services of a professional cleaner at their expense.

Usage of the nursery requires that there be a responsible party in the nursery at all times.  The responsible party shall be charged a cleaning fee if any cleaning of nursery is necessary.  There will be no food in the nursery.

Weddings:  Usage requests must be done through the church office and wedding coordinator.  Wedding parties are responsible for any damage done to church by guests or party, and shall pay expenses for repair or cleaning beyond normal wear and tear.

Once permission from council has been granted, and request forms filled out through the office for the time granted , the user group has priority over area requested for requested period of time only.

Church Council and/or pastors have the right to cancel group use at any time.

Please request and display reservation approval card (available at the church office) on door of room being used.  Zion church groups not using reservation approval card are not guaranteed specific rooms.